Freelancing is a unique business, and the people who work in it are all unique. Matt and I have been freelancing for quite a few years now, and have had hundreds of different clients, from amazing to terrible. So here’s a few tips on getting amazing work from us (or any quality freelancer).

  1. Respond Quickly. Check your messages/email at least once a day. The faster I can get an answered question, the faster I can keep going with your project. We love working on projects and, when possible, getting them done within a few days of starting them. So if I can get a quick answer and keep working, it saves me time and helps me keep a good focus on your project. You don’t have to be CONSTANTLY checking your email, but I have one client who doesn’t respond for weeks at a time, and his project has taken months when it could have taken a week.
  2. Communicate. Along with responding, giving me a good response helps SOOOO much. Most of my clients are on the phone or over email, and communication is hard when you’re missing that non-verbal element. So it really helps to over-communicate, to be aware of that gap, and to use as many methods as possible to let me see inside your head. So, if you have a really defined picture of what you want in your head, find examples of similar things or elements of something else that you want to incorporate into your design, artwork, or app. Feedback is important. Tell me what you liked AND what you didn’t like. When you tell me what you liked, I know what not to change and what direction to go. When you tell me what you didn’t like, it helps me (obviously) know what to change. :) I’m working for you, and because of communication, I don’t always get your vision the first time. Communication really helps us both be happy campers at the end of the day.

I’ll update this periodically, but these are the main tips I’d give new clients who have never used a freelancer before.