Wedding Photography Lightroom Presets

I couldn’t find a good group of FREE Lightroom presets for general wedding photography, so this is my list and my attempt to contribute to photographer society. As you know, each photograph deserves and demands small adjustments to make it perfect, because each lighting/coloring scenario is slightly different. So this group of presets is what I’ve created, used and relied on most often in my wedding photography, along with hundreds of smaller presets I make per wedding. These are my “portrait perfect” presets, where the picture is pretty spot-on for color, but it just needs that extra pop of contrast, or that romantic flair. Enjoy!

Wedding Lightroom Presets

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Black & White Wedding Photography Lightroom Presets

6 Black and White Lighroom presets

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I’m in my third wedding season here in Boise and love it! If you like my presets, feel free to leave me a comment and a link to your work! I love seeing other photographers’ accomplishments!