So, this is a really broad topic (I’m realizing as I just make up topics at 1AM). So this is a short introduction. In this post, I’ll go over various online marketplaces and what to look for when you’re shopping around for a photographer.

Where to Look

These are all places (mostly websites) I’ve used (as a photographer) to apply for photography jobs. Specifically, to find work in the Boise, ID area.

  1. Craigslist. As photographers, my hubby and I peruse craigslist regularly and have met and photographed for some awesome couples there. So just put out an ad looking for photographers, and you should get quite a few applications. You might get quite a bit of spam, as well, but most of our weddings come from here.
  2. Wedding websites. We’re members of quite a few wedding websites like,, etc. A caution about these: most require an expensive membership to show up high in search results, so the photographers that show up first with really pretty profiles will be higher priced, because they have to make that money back.
  3. Thumbtack. Thumbtack is a relatively new local services website. We used it for a little while, but don’t do it anymore because it’s pretty expensive to bid on projects. So if you’re not getting any responses, that’s why.
  4. Friends. Of course, there’s always this stand-by. If you have a friend who had really good experience with a photographer, that’s always awesome. The only negative is that it limits what you find.

What to Look For

1. Portfolio. If you find yourself dreaming about having similar pictures, you’ve found the right photographer. If they’re okay and you’re not impressed, there’s probably something wrong, but you have to consider that in comparison with price. What’s more important? Also, they should have a good, professional website. I’ve found that a freelancer’s quality of equipment and work is about equal to their website. So if their website is outdated or poorly designed, most likely their equipment and/or organization will be, too.

2. Price. Most photographers will have some sort of price range on their website, based on what you want (videography included, album, how many hours, etc.). For example, ours is here. Or they should be able to give you a rough estimate based on your location, the size of your wedding, and what you want as far as hours, edits included, etc). Unless the couple is looking to go really cheap, I usually throw in editing for free for at least a dozen images, but you’ll see those numbers on the price list. Along with your dress and good food, a good photographer should be high on your list. This is one of the only things you’ll keep and look at daily for the rest of your lives. A good photographer will capture those moments that you want to remember.

3. Personality. Meet with a couple of photographers after you’ve perused their portfolio and gotten a quote for price. If you get along well with your photographer, the shots will be so easy because you’ll be much more relaxed. Most brides aren’t professional models and many I’ve had aren’t used to being photographed. So having someone who doesn’t make you nervous is important.

I hope this helps! I love to hear stories and your experiences, too! If you have a good idea, comment below and I’ll add it to the post! Thanks for reading!