The first time I registered on a wedding vendor website, I came across an odd question:

What style of photographs do you take?

???? What? What does that mean? So I looked it up and discovered I take traditional/artsy/photojournalistic type shots, mostly. But, since most wedding sites offer different categories (AND when I got married, I wanted a bit of everything), here’s my advice:

Ignore the categories and study potential photographers’ portfolios!

(Also, get references from former clients). I’ve heard horror stories about wedding photographers.

The wedding photographer is arguably one of the most important parts of the day, because it’s the way you’ll remember it. The right photographer can help you remember it positively by capturing the smiles, by making him or herself available at the right times and invisible at the right times.

Back to the portfolios…

What am I looking for? Look at the style of photographs this particular photographer takes. If you look long enough, you’ll notice different styles. Some are more modern, wide-open, stark, posed, etc. On the other end, there are some more romantic, bohemian, artistic, Tumblr/Pinterest, etc. Envision how you want your wedding to look. And pick the photographer that takes the style of photographs you want. So if you’re looking through their portfolio and start finding a bunch of photographs that you LOVE, most likely you’ve found the right one.

Many photographers have a distinct style that they do best. It’s to your advantage to pick one who loves the same style that you do. That’s a match made in heaven and you’ll adore your wedding photos.

Incidentally, if you’ve seen my portfolio, you know what style I like to take. I’m still a “young” photographer, so I’m still developing my style, but I love romantic moments that capture the unique personality of the couple. And so far I’ve never met a bride I don’t like (been incredibly blessed). :) So if you’re curious, I’d love to meet you! Contact me!