Husband and Wife Team

Matthew & Mercy (The Writing Duo)

Specializing in family-friendly comedy, heartfelt adventures and deep meanings, Matt and Mercy are a hard-working husband/wife screenwriting team.
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Matthew and Mercy are a husband/wife writing team. Although they have primarily been involved with the filming side of stories, they’ve developed a deep appreciation of good storytelling. They’re non-union and not yet eligible.

Matthew Hasselblad...

got his start telling stories at the children’s home where he grew up. This quickly turned into making short videos of his work, writing the high school plays, and using the stories to get out of trouble. Whether it is using a camera or a pen, you’ll always hear him emphasize the importance of The Story.

Mercy Hasselblad...

started journaling when she was 7. When she was 15, she wrote and self-published her first 320-page fantasy novel. As an artist, she’s a very visual writer and also does a lot of editing work.

Feature-Length Scripts

Samples of some of our favorite, recent, feature-length scripts.

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Short Scripts

Samples of stories less than 20 minutes or TV episodes.

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Spec Episode

“The New Car”

The family gets into a car accident and gets a pleasant surprise and some unexpected results. While being punished, Francis makes the find of a lifetime at Marlin Academy.

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Spec Episode

“No TV”

Debra decides to ban TV and it’s harder than she thought, even with help from an unexpected source.

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Spec Episode

“Sheldon and the Girl”

Sheldon has to face a problem he can’t out-smart when a cute girl starts giving him attention.

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Spec Episode

“Welcome to the Power Outage”

The families get to know each other a little too well when the power goes out and they decide to spend the evening together.

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Some Sayings That Can Be Heard While Writing…

When a woman gets squeaky, she just needs a little love and chocolate. Chocolate is a woman's WD40.- Matt
You're the reason birds don't chirp in the morning. They get up, and then they see you and they're like.... forget it! I'm not pretty!- Matt
Armies don't change the world. Without stories, they're just people. It's the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell our children, that change the course of our world.- Mercy
It wasn't Aristotled enough.- Matt
She wasn't someone I wanted to spend time with.- Mercy's mom, discussing a fictional character from a book she didn't finish