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Films, Video Games, Commercials

Matthew wanted to learn the piano and violin when he was in the 2nd grade. Now he keeps up with the latest playing techniques with various instruments and loves pushing instrument sounds and playing techniques to a new level. He always tries to use real instruments when the budget is possible but no matter what, he gives the highest quality of sound, mixing real instruments with vsts (virtual instruments).

Since he started to seriously composing music 15 years ago, Matthew has worked on feature and short films, commercials, video games and even trailer music for major releases!

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What Does Matthew Look For In A Project

Matthew loves increasing his knowledge and skill with each project. He loves to be pushed and to think outside of the box. Like Steve Jablonsky said, (paraphrased) If it wasn’t for Michael Bay pushing me, I would have never done my best work.

Matthew also loves when there is a vision for the project so he can get exactly what the director wants. He doesn’t care about the budget because at the end of the day, it’s all music composing!

It is important for an artist to have creative freedom but not so much that there is no collaboration. Most importantly the passion for the project will get the best results!

Technically Challenging75%
The Vision90%
The Budget20%
Creative Freedom65%
Passion For The Project100%

Various music styles.

Matthew started off with just doing epic, Hans Zimmer type music but when he got into making stock music for various websites he found that what sold the most was not full orchestra, epic music. For the past 15 years Matthew has been exploring different styles of music and loves telling a story and evoking emotions in all his projects.

Electric orchestra style. Ambient, beautiful and inspirational. Here’s some tracks from the documentary Mystery of the Grand Canyon.

Fun, lively, upbeat, happy! Life is great!

Various styles, various needs, some old works, some new!