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Mysteries of the Grand Canyon Documentary (in Production)

Despite being one of the most-often visited places on earth, the Grand Canyon remains a geological mystery.

Science struggles to explain how or why a river decided to detour through a plateau instead of following the lowest ground.

With all we know about our world today, there’s also a vast void of unanswered questions.

Mysteries that have yet to be solved.

One of the greatest is the Grand Canyon.

As the legend goes, an old prospector, upon seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, was supposed to have said, in amazement, “Something awful happened here.” But what, exactly, did happen?

The formation of the Grand Canyon is shrouded in mystery. Its towering walls and endless passageways hold tight to their secrets.

Today, as we travel through this vast landscape, we will discover why the Canyon has confounded explanation for so long.

Why her towering walls are physically impossible.

Why the Colorado River would have to climb uphill for millions of years to form the Canyon.

Why these dry, desert rocks hold thousands of fish and ocean fossils.

And why a billion years of earth’s geological history is just missing.

These are the mysteries that have confounded scientists for decades.

These… are the mysteries of the Grand Canyon.

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